K-1ine Interview with Azriel from Comatose Rose Magazine

   Comatose Rose #5 cover

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Azriel J. Knight from Comatose Rose - Canada's only Gothic Print Magazine. This interview was conducted via e-mail on Thursday January 9, 2003 by The Clone of K-1ine 'zine / Nettwerked.net.

The Clone: How and when did Comatose Rose Magazine come into existence, and where do you see it in a couple years?

Azriel: Sure, start with the hard one :P Comatose Rose Magazine has gone through many incarnations over the last four years. But the print version has been around for the last year. How did it start? Well, music has always been my first passion, and I was beginning to expose myself to a lot of wonderful underground music. Gothic, industrial, EBM and the like. I wanted to share the music I found, with others.

The Clone: If people want to pick up a copy of your zine, they can go to your web site and find locations, but what if someone doesn't have Comatose Rose
in their community? Is there a way to get a copy of it online?

Azriel: There is a locations section on the web site that is live, that is to say that we will scratch off the location once they have run out of copies, so you won't go home empty handed. Depending where the magazine is being held, there is an optional donation, but most places it's free. If you're outside of the locations, then you can send me a money order or buy a copy with any major credit card.

The Clone: The gothic scene is much like the hacker / phreaker scene in a lot of ways - both started and exist in the 'underground';your scene focuses a lot on music and our scene focuses a lot on technology. What are your thoughts on hackers and phreakers, and are you at all surprised that we have so many hackers & phreakers who are also involved the gothic scene?

Azriel: I am not at all surprised. My scene is going through a major transition,
and has been for the last few years. Basically a lot more bands are using a lot
more synth work in their music. Gothic as we once knew it in the mid to late
eighties is long dead, sure some bands still play the old flavor, but electronics
is simply the way things are going. My thought on hackers and phreakers? It's
quite fascinating, I think the government should stop arresting you guys and
start hiring you for work. I hate getting viruses in the mail, which I do all the
time, but I know those are not "real" hackers, so no worries.

The Clone: What would your first pieces of advice be for anyone (in Canada,
the United States, and International) looking to start their own gothic print
magazine? And do you welcome "partnerships" between other 'zines? (I might
be interested, hehe).

Azriel: Establish yourself as an online magazine first, make friends with people
in the business, and work your way up. Don't let up, don't be lazy, and avoid
frustration. Partnerships are easy with Comatose Rose. We have a page rental
program, it's costs less than advertising because you're adding content to the
magazine. Anyone can do it, as long as your writing fits the magazine and we
like it.

The Clone: If someone with special talents (such as writing, graphic design, and
marketing) wanted to help out Comatose Rose, how would they go about contacting
you and your staff?

Azriel: Anything involving that can be brought to my direct attention, just e-mail
me at [email protected]. What really catches my attention is people who
are just themselves, but are straight forward in what they want to do for Comatose
Rose. Don't send me an e-mail with an overdose of big words to try and sound all
fancy, I won't be impressed, especially when you forget to run the damn thing
through a spell check (it has happened).

The Clone: Azriel, what are your staff's plans for the upcoming (5th) issue of
Comatose Rose Magazine?

Azriel: We have lots of great stuff planned. Issue #5 will be released on Valentine’s
Day and will feature interviews with Covenant, Mortiis, Assemblage 23, Sam Rosenthal,
Z Prochek and more. Scene reports from Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. A rant or two,
30 album reviews, the list goes on.

Thank you, Azriel.

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