Tesla Coil Instructions
   Note: These are instructions for building a Tesla Coil exactly like
   the one shown on the photos page. It may be beneficial to change some
   1. Particle board
   2. 4.5" PVC pipe
   3. 4.5" PVC flange
   4. 6.25" flexible duct
   5. 22 AWG magnet wire
   6. 1/4" copper tubing
   7. 270VA Neon transformer: 9000V Secondary; 120V Primary
   8. Glass wine bottles
   9. Salt
   10. RTV
   11. Screwable pop bottle caps
   12. Flat black spray paint
   13. Drill
   14. Saw
   15. Polyurethane
   16. Polyeurathane brush
   17. 3/4" copper pipe
   18. Plastic for mounting copper pipe
   19. Pipe cutters
   20. Wire cutters
   21. Screws
   22. Bolts
   23. Nuts
   24. Washers
   25. Screwdriver
   26. Wrench
   27. Aluminum foil
   28. Glass
   29. Electrical tape
   30. Blow torch
   31. Solder
   32. Flux
   33. Fishing line
   34. 14AWG High-voltage wire (15,000V)
   35. Ring terminals
   36. Multi-meter capable of measuring capacitance
   39. Tape measure
   1. Fill the 8 wine bottles with saturated salt water up to where the
   bottles start to curve. Fill the rest of the bottles up with motor
   oil. Drill a hole in the center of each pop cap and put a bolt through
   the hole upside down. Place a wire connector on the top of the caps.
   Seal the caps with RTV. Wrap the bottles in aluminum foil so that no
   salt water can be seen. Wrap electrical taped around the sides of the
   bottles. The bottoms should have foil, but no electrical tape. Build a
   box to put the eight bottles in and spray paint it flat black. The
   bottles should fit snugly. Place a piece of glass on the bottom of the
   box and put aluminum foil over it, and then put the bottles in the
   2. Build 6 supports for the primary coil using particle board. There
   should be a 30 degree angle of elevation, an effective height of 3.5",
   and an effective width of 6" on each one. Cut 15 grooves on the tops
   of them. Wrap the copper tubing in a spiral using the grooves.
   3. Wrap the 22 gauge magnet wire around the PVC pipe and put
   polyurethane over the coil.
   4. Make the spark gap by using RTV to put the copper pipe on the
   plastic. There should be a .03" gap between each one.
   5. Use the ducting to construct a toroid with a 29.2" outside
   6. Secure the primary coil, secondary coil, spark gap, capacitor box,
   and transformer to a piece of particle board. Hang the toroid from the
   piece of PVC pipe with two perpendicular pieces of fishing line.
   7. Wire the two circuits as shown below.